This is the master list that we work off of on a general basis. We are always looking for things that are INTERESTING and OLD and we love POP CULTURE and ROCK AND ROLL! It is hard to pin down a wholly specific list, but hopefully between these two we answer most of your questions for what we're looking for currently. For all eras, designer is always welcome. This list is for both women and men's items.


Vintage On Trend: Pop Art, Mod, Florals, Ruffles, Fringe, Sequins, Pastels, Checkerboard, Bold Colors, Color-blocking, Glitter, Bright White Accessories, Valentino, Burberry, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger


1950's - New look, pinup-style dresses, everyday cotton dresses, sundresses; 1960's - Mod, mini dresses, Block color prints, Warhol, and Mondrian; 1970's - Mod dresses with butterfly collars, bohemian style dresses, tablecloth lace dresses, bell sleeves, Gunne Sax; 1980's - Stretch cotton form fitting dresses in solid colors, polka dots, acid wash, floral, unique patterns and striped designs; 1990's - Grunge influenced, babydoll dresses, empire waist dresses, plaid and floral dresses above the knee, Betsey Johnson. 


Concert / rock / tour tees from the 70's through the 90's; ironic and funny t-shirts; Detroit / Michigan sports teams - Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons, Lions, etc; sport jersey and basketball tops; army camo tops; denim and chambray button downs; embroidered denim; bohemian-looking tops; tie-dye shirts; disco shirts; dagger collars, Peter Pan collars, large-collared disco shirts of the 1970's.


Shorts - 1970s-1990s - all styles! 1940's-50's wide leg sailor pants; 1970’s wide leg, bell bottoms, high waisted, plaid, embroidered & patterned pants! 1980s very skinny high waisted denim; 1990’s ADIDAS and other athletic wear; any era interestingly patterened, plaid, or animal prints.

Jumpsuits, Overalls, & Rompers:

Men's and Women's jumpsuits, overalls, rompers - 1950's through 1990's - any style! We love them all!


1950's colorful coats of varying cuts with fur trim (no black or brown please); 1960's and 1970's suede, leather, patchwork leather, curly lamb fur coats or fur trimmed coats - think "Penny Lane"; 1980's faux fur especially of spotted cats; ponchos; fringed leather; 1960's-1980's motorcycle jackets, Harley Davidson jackets, bomber jackets, Cafe Racer jackets, shearling jackets.


All shoes must be wearable; look for leather soles, made in Italy/Spain/Brazil/England marks! 1940's pumps; 1950's saddle shoes; 1960's-70s platforms; 1960's-70's "Beatle" boots, Engineer boots1970s bohemian style tall lace up boots with heels, cowboy boots especially tooled leather or interesting design; 1980's-1990's Made in England Dr. Martens classics and Mary Janes, Athletic shoes and trainers, Chuck Taylors, Reeboks, flats & sandals; oxfords and small booties. A note: we do not accept smaller than a size 6, size 8-10+ highly sought after. 


Think bright, bold, futuristic, global, exotic, metallic, and sporty; Brutalist and Egyptian Revival style pieces are particularly sought after. Native American made sterling silver and turquoise/coral/etc rings, cuffs, necklaces; Sterling silver (.925) rings; Bakelite; 1960's-1970's mod flower pins; pinback buttons or badges; rock band buttons. 1970s long pendant necklaces, 1990's chokers. Pierced earrings only, no clips!


1980's-90's Coach bags, messenger bags, leather bags; 1970's tooled leather bags, 90's neon, all eras bright, cute, classic, and fun.

University of Michigan:

Especially looking for Championship gear, Rose Bowl wins, or other banner years for the school; all sports but especially football and basketball; tanks, tops, sweatshirts, ties, jewelry, pinback buttons and other small odds and ends; all items must be 20+ years old - no modern stuff that you could get down the street!

We're overstocked & not buying these currently:

Looney Tunes items, Nascar items, Country singer items except for Johnny Cash, XL tee shirts and tanks, 1970s long leather jackets, formal shoes, Pendleton flannels, Vests (except leather / fringe), puffy vests, any casual vests, cloth gloves, hats with netting, pillbox hats.

Items we don't deal in:

As much as we might love these items, our store is small & we must consider our clientele and things that sell well for us. We do not buy any of these items:

1) Vintage Children's Clothing, Militaria / full military suits, Larger housewares and furniture except those outlined above, Bridal / wedding gowns / bridesmaid dresses

2) Modern clothing (20 years old to the present, post 1998 at time of writing), without exception, even “vintage inspired” or “looks vintage".  Reproduction items are considered on a case-by-case basis. 

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