VIP Punch Card Program!


How it works: pick up one of our VIP Punch Cards at the register when you check out! For every $20 purchase you make at The Getup Vintage, you get a cute little heart punch on your card. When the card is full, you're eligible to use it for 20% off the total of your next purchase! And that purchase with 20% off could be as big as you want it to be, there's no limit. 

Here's how it's even better: once you redeem your VIP punch card, we enter it in a drawing to win gift certificates! We do a drawing for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place gift certificates to the store on December 31st of every year.  Every completed VIP card is a chance to win!

*Note - this program excludes Michigan 6% sales tax; base price of merchandise purchase must be $20 or higher. Our VIP punch card program may only be combined with our Tote Bag 5% discount (more on that below); it is not combinable with other sales or offers. Punches are not redeemable with trade credit slips or merchandise purchased on our Etsy shop. It's simply our way of saying THANK YOU to our loyal locals who support our brick-and-mortar every day!


Reusable Logo Tote Bag Discount!

This rewards program is The Getup Vintage's golden trifecta: save the planet AND your hard-earned cash AND look cute as heck while doing it! Our flower power logo tote bags are hand-screened by our employees and made of 100% cotton. Purchase a tote bag for $15 and for EVERY purchase you make using that tote bag, we'll give you 5% off your total purchase. And yes - this discount can be applied to everything - even sales, other discount offers, and our VIP cards! You MUST have the tote bag present to receive the discount. 

(pic of tote bags coming soon)