When one of the buyers is available, we purchase clothing from the general public at the store in downtown Ann Arbor. We work on an appointment basis only - you MUST have an appointment to sell to us! Normally, in-store appointments are available at least two weekdays every week, but these days may change from week to week! So please call us at (734) 327 - 4300 to make sure someone is in to take care of you before bringing your items in! Our regular employees are not authorized to look at items, and no items may be left at the store for buyers to look at.

We ask that you bring your items folded (not on hangers) in a suitcase, laundry bin, duffle bag, Ikea bag, or other reusable bag. Please, no plastic trash bags - it’s so trashy! (Wink, wink!) While we do not have a specific item limit per appointment, we ask that sellers bring a maximum of 2 large suitcases or equivalent due to space constraints in our store. If you have more than that, we can book multiple appointments, or come to your home. Or, pick your “best” items for your appointment, and we’ll discuss more of our needs upon seeing your items. All sellers must provide a valid State-Issued Identification at their appointment.

Additionally, please review the parking and downtown Ann Arbor maps on our “Location & Hours” page prior to your appointment!


If you have a large amount of clothing, we are happy to come to you. Our store is quite small - just 800 square feet of awesomeness! Because of that, we like to keep our in-store appointments to an amount of clothing that we can review in 30 minutes or less. Plus - then you don’t have to look for parking and haul your items in downtown Ann Arbor! We travel up to a 5 hour radius from the store to procure the best vintage clothing possible. Barns, attics, storage units, closets that haven’t been looked at in 20 years - we’d love to look through it! Please call or email to discuss an in-home appointment. Normally, in-home appointments are available Wednesday through Sunday. We do have some flexibility depending on how far out the appointment may be!


We pay cash outright or offer a store trade certificate for items we purchase. We do consignment only for very rare, expensive, or designer items - less than 1% of our stock. Please keep in mind, we must select clothing that sells well for us. We must also consider our current inventory and sometimes have to pass on items if we are too full in a certain area. When making an offer, we take into account if the item needs to be mended, repaired, sewn, washed, or dry cleaned; as we aim to keep our items affordable!


We sell vintage clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, and accessories for men and women from the time periods of the 1950’s through the 1990’s. Vintage clothing is 20 years or older (1999 and previous).

Our specific clothing needs are constantly changing - so it's best to call or email ahead of your appointment if you are unsure of what we are looking for. The best way to know if your items would be a good fit is to come into the store, browse our selection, and talk to us to see what it is we are looking for. Another good way is to browse our Etsy shop, view our LookBooks, and look on our Instagram / Facebook to see what we’ve posted recently. You are also more than welcome to email us pictures, and that way we can make a determination via email if it’s something we’d like to see in-person or not. Photos are really helpful prior to your appointment since parking is limited in downtown Ann Arbor, and we’re happy to say yes / no to items in advance so you don’t have to haul so much!

We are ALWAYS looking for things that are INTERESTING and OLD and we love POP CULTURE and ROCK AND ROLL! We are looking for YOUTHFUL and FUN clothing, reflective of the counter-cultures of decades past. We want the bellbottoms you wore when you were going through your “hippie” phase! Or, the black leather studded jacket from when you were a punk rocker in 1977! Your mod dresses of the 60’s, sugary sweet 1950’s new look fit-and-flare dresses, and the wacky acid-wash denim of the 80’s. Think ICONIC, items that would cause you to reminisce and say “Remember when we wore that?!” Fashion is cyclical, so many of the things in your closet are relevant today! Our main demographic of customers is mostly 18 to 34 year olds who shop in downtown Ann Arbor, are environmentally conscious, and not afraid to take some fashion “risks”. Because of that, we err on the side of casual vintage clothing (90% casual to 10% formal wear).


University of Michigan gear pre-1999, 1950’s-1990’s dresses - but especially 60’s and 70’s mod dresses, 1970’s jeans and pants; denim from every era, jean jackets from every era; jumpsuits, overalls, and workwear; rock band tee shirts from every era; purses, especially leather; shoes, especially made in Italy or Spain; Sterling Silver 0.925 jewelry; funky costume jewelry.


Business Casual Clothing / Suiting; Children’s Clothing; Full Military Suits; Wedding Gowns, Bridesmaids Dresses; Modern Clothing (less than 20 years to present time); Reproduction Clothing (i.e. Pinup Girl, some ModCloth) is on a case-by-case basis; Furniture (800 square feet, remember!); Housewares (like dish sets, silverware). If your items aren’t a good fit for our shop, we are happy to make some recommendations of where to take them.


To set up an appointment in store or at your home,

call us at (734)327-4300 or email us at Thank you!