1. You must have an appointment to sell to us.

2. Yes, we buy from the public.

3. We pay cash outright or offer a store trade certificate for items. We do consignment for artist's merchandise or very expensive items ONLY (less than  1% of our stock).

4. We buy in-store or at your home. We limit in-store buying to no more than 2 large suitcases per person per appointment. If you have more than that, we are happy to come to your home; or alternatively, book multiple in-store appointments.

5. All sellers must provide a valid State-Issued Identification at their appointment.

6. You MUST have an appointment for either in-store or in-home buying. 

Read on below for a more in-depth look at the ins and outs of selling your vintage!

How We Buy:

The Getup Vintage buys vintage clothing, footwear, and accessories from the general public - either in store or in your home - CURRENTLY BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call or email to get an appointment with the buyer! Read further for our buying procedures and policies.

We pay outright for items, so there is no waiting for your item to sell. We offer up to 30% of the items retail price in cash or up to 50% in store trade, dependent on the condition of the item in question and also its rarity. When making an offer, we take into account if the item needs to be mended, repaired, sewn, washed, or dry cleaned; as we aim to keep our items affordable for our local customers. 

Please keep in mind, we must select clothing that sells well for us. We must also consider our current inventory and sometimes have to pass on items if we are too full in a certain area.

Regarding buying "seasonally" - we are more likely to buy  fall/winter items in August through December, and we are more likely to buy spring/summer items in February through May. If the item is truly fabulous, we will buy it regardless of the season. Often times we ask that you bring items back closer to when it will be sellable for us; we understand this isn't always possible, but we try to work with sellers as well as keep our back stock manageable. So I wouldn't say we buy "seasonally", but with a "seasonal focus".

Vintage coats are the one item that we do try to buy truly seasonally, typically in September, October, and November, because they are bulky and take up a lot of room in our storage. With coats it is best for everyone if you email us pictures of the coat, regardless of the season. We ask that you please send a shot or two of the exterior of the coat, a shot of the interior lining, and of the tag. That way you are not hauling heavy coats to downtown Ann Arbor, and we can let you know quickly if it is something we would want to see in person or not! See the wish list to know what type of coats we are usually looking for. 

What is "vintage"?

Vintage clothing ranges from 20 years old from the present day to 100 years old at maximum. Clothing from before this time period (1910's and previous) are considered antique. Our concentration is on the decades of the 1950's through the 1990's, although we will consider earlier time periods on occasion. 

What are we looking for?

Broadly speaking , we are looking for vintage apparel for men and women from the decades of the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's. We are looking for all types of clothing garments, costume and fine jewelry, purses, shoes, and other small accessories. For a more fine-tuned list, see our "vintage wish list".

In-Store Buying Appointments

We accept items in store by appointment with our buyer only. Our regular employees are not authorized to buy on behalf of the store. No items may be left on the store premises overnight for a buyer to look at. 

When bringing items in the store, please bring items folded in a reusable bag, suitcase, or tub (Ikea bags are great for this!). We ask that you bring no more than two large suitcases or bags per appointment. Do not bring your items on hangers, folded items are easiest for our buyer to look through. 

Finally, please do not bring your items to the store in garbage bags. (Excuse the pun - but it looks "trashy"!)

In-Home Buying Appointments

Have an estate or too much to bring in? We are happy to come to you! We travel far and wide to procure the best vintage we can. Plus, then you don't have to lug your goods into downtown Ann Arbor or look for parking! Please contact us to discuss date availability for in-home appointments.

Ready to sell?

To set up an appointment in store or at your home, call us at (734)327-4300 or use the form on the "CONTACT" page of this website!