Storefront, winter 2017

Storefront, winter 2017

Established in 2005, The Getup Vintage was the brainchild of Kelly and Paul McLeod. The shop resided in its early years in a tiny cozy cramped attic space, and although small, it made a big impact on vintage lovers young and old. In 2010, the business was able to be relocated downstairs in the same building to its current location at 215 South State Street. 

In July 2015, The Getup Vintage changed hands; and Kelly and Paul sold their business to longtime employees Lindsey Leyland and Kaylan Mitchell. It was a joyous moment for all parties, and Leyland and Mitchell are committed to preserving the best aspects of the McLeod's Getup. 

L to R: Kaylan Mitchell, Kelly McLeod, Paul McLeod, Lindsey Leyland

L to R: Kaylan Mitchell, Kelly McLeod, Paul McLeod, Lindsey Leyland



Lindsey Leyland, Co-Owner

Lindsey Leyland has had over 15 years of experience working in vintage retail, consignment, buying vintage inventory, large scale visual merchandising, curatorial duties, and arts management. Ms. Leyland has been involved with vintage retail since 2002, where she began buying for a small independent store in Pittsburgh, PA. In 2008 Leyland became manager at a local boutique called Lenny & Me in Chicago, IL; where she developed a handmade artist section, along with consigning over 50 vintage dealers. She has also being a constant addition to many local fashion productions and has assisted an established stylist with wardrobe and props on numerous large corporate photo shoots. It has be Lindsey’s dream to own a vintage clothing store since a very young age, and Kelly McLeod gave an eager girl a chance ten years ago when she first opened The Getup Vintage. Leyland has honed her skill over the years, and the passing of the torch from the original owner to the first employee is fitting.

Kaylan Mitchell, Co-Owner

Kaylan Mitchell developed a love for vintage clothing at a young age. Her first pieces were purchased from former Getup Vintage owner Kelly McLeod, when Kelly was a salesperson at Lost and Found Vintage in Royal Oak, MI - and Kaylan was just a freshman in high school. Since then, Kaylan has been buying and selling vintage clothing and is well known for her eclectic fashion taste. That aforementioned fashion taste has always been onstage front-and-center as she acted as wardrobe buyer and stylist for her musical projects and others, and has been a stylist for photo shoots, video shoots, and stage shows. Kaylan has also served as the House Manager of the Michigan Theater, a position which she held for four years. This position included daily record keeping, inventory, accounting, and employee management, which allowed her to hone her business skills that would be necessary for The Getup. Kaylan is a 2010 graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Media and Film Studies. She enjoys playing the cello and moonlights as a session musician on occasion. Her future plans include returning to school to pursue a Masters in Accounting.


After Mitchell and Leyland took over in 2015, the store and branding were given an extensive renovation. The walls were painted, historic arch ways and crown molding preserved, fixtures created and installed, and the storefront was given a fresh coat of bright purple paint! The current shop is a bright and inviting place that reflects the owner's enthusiasm and reverence of times past. 


The Getup Vintage represents Leyland and Mitchell's passion to bring environmentally conscious fashion to downtown Ann Arbor and beyond. Buying vintage clothing is socially responsible, as each garment purchased combats the 14.3 million tons of textile waste per year produced in the United States alone! (Source: Environmental Protection Agency, 2017)


Each item in the The Getup Vintage is hand-selected, cleaned, and cared for - as well as one-of-a-kind! Our process starts with our buyers, who source the best vintage clothing by traveling all over the country; as well as with YOU, who bring in your vintage clothing to sell or trade with us!

Kaylan's trunk packed to the MAX with vintage!

Kaylan's trunk packed to the MAX with vintage!

After we've found some pretty cool clothing, the restoration and cleaning process begins. We make our own soap using a mixture of completely natural products and also use cleaners designed for antique and vintage garments. But when it boils down to it, the things your grandmother used - vinegar, baking soda, and the sun - are our best friends for cleaning vintage!

A lot of vintage clothing is too delicate to go in a washer or dryer and must be hand soaked. But when we must, we're using our natural soap and hanging garments to dry in the sun. Dry cleaning is another avenue where we've gone green - we use an organic dry cleaner whom uses only natural chemicals.

1950’s garments soaking in a tub!

1950’s garments soaking in a tub!

Not only is it good for our mother Earth, the unique and one of a kind designs and textiles we stock are perfect for making each wardrobe special!

Some pretty 1970's Indian cotton drying in the sun.

Some pretty 1970's Indian cotton drying in the sun.

Whether you're new to vintage or a seasoned collector, The Getup Vintage has got you covered. Our staff has decades of combined experience in the vintage industry - we've worked closely with stylists, designers, costumers, and other retailers - and we love helping all of our customers find exactly what they're searching for. Stop in and say hi, if you're not in Ann Arbor then be sure to follow us on Etsy for select goods in our online shop!

We love bringing old clothes to life and look forward to sharing our finds with you!



We are a member of DTE Energy's GreenCurrents / MI Green Power program and have pledged that 100% of the energy used for our shop comes from green sources.


The Getup Vintage is a proud member of the Vintage Fashion Guild, an international non-profit dedicated to the education, promotion, and preservation of vintage fashion.