Update December 4th, 2017

Just a quick update to what we're looking for currently, as the winter season is quickly approaching!

We are seeking jewelry (costume and sterling silver) and warm-weather clothing at this time - sweaters, cardigans, knits, and the like. Yes, we are still buying winter coats and winter gear - but we are mostly looking for BRIGHTLY COLORED winter coats, fun patterns, blanket coats, Hudson Bay coats, carpet-pattern coats, shearling coats, curly lamb coats, bomber jackets, and other fun coats - anything out of the  ordinary! We are full up and not looking for any of the following: brown or black coats, mink coats, mink trimmed 50s coats, swing coats, Persian lamb coats, and fur stoles.  

We are now booking buying appointments in-store and in your home. Please call us at (734) 327-4300 to get yourself on the appointment calendar! We are booking appointments for now through December 20th. We will be stopping buying for the holiday season on December 21st and resume in mid January 2018.

 You are always welcome to email us pictures of garments to thegetupvintage@gmail.com to see if its something we are interested in!  Thank you for checking out our site. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in contact with us. Happy holidays!

Much love, Kaylan and Lindsey / The Getup Vintage