Wow! It's been so busy this month!  Ann Arbor Art Fair is nearly upon us - our favorite time and biggest sale of the year! We have a tent directly in front of  our store at 215 S State Street just FILLED to the brim with amazing vintage deals - tons of $5, $10, $15, and $20 items - plus, our store will be freshly restocked with brand new goodies! Check out the images above from Art Fairs of years past!

As a general note, we have ended our buying appointments for the month of July so we can clean, process, and put out all the wonderful things we already have purchased for Art Fair! We will begin buying again on August 1st, so send us an email to get an appointment in August.

As we prep for our monster sale we'll be having some irregular hours in the coming weeks, so here's your heads up! The shop schedule is as follows: 

Monday, July 16th: Shop open 12pm-8pm

Tuesday, July 17th: Shop open 12pm-4pm; close at 4pm for Tent Prep

Wednesday, July 18th: Shop is closed for Tent Prep

Then it's time for the....

Thursday, July 19th: ANN ARBOR ART FAIR! Open 10am - 9pm!

Friday, July 20th: ANN ARBOR ART FAIR! Open 10am-9pm!

Saturday, July 21st: ANN ARBOR ART FAIR! Open 10am-9pm!

Sunday, July 22nd: ANN ARBOR ART FAIR! Open 12pm-6pm! $5 Fill A Bag Sale starts at 5pm sharp! 

What's this $5 fill-a-bag sale you say? On the last hour of the last day of Art Fair, you can fill a large bag of vintage goodies for just $5. The sale starts PROMPTLY at 5pm and goes until we're out of merchandise (which in years past has been VERY quick!) We do recommend you arrive before 5pm for the start of the sale. You may pre-purchase the $5 bags at the store at any time during the Art Fair, too; and we'll hold them til it's time for the sale to begin!

Monday, July 23rd and Tuesday, July 24th: Closed for rest, relaxation, & recovery. :)

Regular store hours resume Wednesday, July 25th. Buying appointments resume Wednesday, August 1st. (Please use the contact form on this website or email us at thegetupvintage@gmail.com to set up a buying appointment!)

Thanks so much, hope you have a lovely day!

Kaylan and Lindsey / The Getup Vintage